The president kicked off his stand-up routine at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with a jab at the media and its non-stop coverage of Donald Trump before joking about President Trump and the end of America as we knew it — as we knew it, that is, before he had spent seven years fundamentally transforming it.

The president didn’t bother prefacing his monologue with a trigger warning, but we will: while Obama was rehearsing his lines on the golf course this morning, he was likely blissfully unaware that #TheChalkening was happening on college campuses across the country, despite recent clampdowns on chalk writing at places like the University of Iowa, where Students for Life got in on the act with pro-life messages. Just look at this!

Some are becoming more brazen, appearing in photos with the triggering sidewalk scrawls.

A small rebel alliance has begun to take shape under the hashtag #Chalkback.

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