In case you missed it, the White House gave an update Friday on the progress it has made toward achieving the “gun safety” agenda President Obama announced in January and everyone forgot about by the following week.

We won’t bother going into what was wrong with that “breaking” news bulletin from the AP in January; let it suffice that even Everytown for Gun Safety wasn’t fooled into thinking anything new was being done.

So, how’s progress?

In a Facebook post Friday, President Obama proudly announced that his administration had jump-started the development of smart gun technology.

Valerie Jarrett was a bit more truthful in her own post on the White House website, writing that the president’s steps “have the potential to jumpstart the development of proven gun safety technologies,” but it will be up to the private sector to make it happen.

Wise words, considering the FBI ended up spending more than $1.3 million to have someone break into a locked iPhone.

In short: the president in January asked for a report on smart guns from the DOJ and DHS, and they provided that report in April. What does April’s report say? That they hope to present their final report in October.

One thing not found in the report: the name of any responsible gun owner who actually wants a “smart gun.”