Don’t panic: Mother’s Day is next Sunday, so you still have plenty of time to pick out a card and flowers. What you might not have known is that this Sunday kicks off the Social Security Administration’s “Faith Week of Action,” which the country will observe the week of May 1‑8.

So who knew the White House had an Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships? We won’t say who established it, but 1) he was a well-known community organizer and 2) he did it by signing an executive order within his first month in office.

Since the materials accompanying this “special” week avoid making any reference to religion whatsoever, “faith” could just as easily refer to Americans’ faith (or lack thereof) that the money they’ve paid into Social Security all their working lives will still be there for them when they retire.

In other words, Faith Week of Action is just like any other week, except the SSA has blown some tax money on cheesy stock photos and offered to give presentations to “faith-based and community groups across the country.”

That’s one way of looking at it. The theme of the SSA’s 2016 campaign is “Shining a Light on Your Lifelong Protections,” and the opening line of the participant toolkit leaves no doubt that the agency thinks of itself as the people’s savior.

No, really. “Like a ray of light in the darkness, Social Security emerged from the Great Depression to promote the economic security of our nation’s people,” it begins. “Our ray of light keeps shining on to help secure today and tomorrow for America’s workers and their families.”

It’s sad how many lack faith in that ray of light in the darkness.

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