On his campaign website, alongside his proposal for a national $15 an hour minimum wage, Bernie Sanders lays out in detail his proposed Rebuild America Act, a $1 trillion investment in modernizing America’s infrastructure that he estimates will create 13 million good-paying jobs.

Unfortunately for hundreds of his campaign staff, they’re going to need those good-paying jobs that aren’t going to materialize under a President Sanders.

New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor writes Wednesday afternoon that Sanders doesn’t see the value in maintaining a national staff when “40 of the states are now behind us.”

“We don’t need people right now in Connecticut. That election is over,” Sanders said. “We don’t need them in Maryland. So what we are going to do is allocate our resources to the 14 contests that remain, and that means that we are going to be cutting back on staff.”

See what the free market made him do? On the plus side, when he’s elected president, he has plans to rehire every one of them. “If we win this, every one of those great people who have helped us get this far, they will be rehired.” If we win this?


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