Twitter is still flooded with tributes to Prince, but his death has also reminded some that his influence wasn’t limited to other musicians. “Darling Nikki,” a track off of the “Purple Rain” soundtrack, is relatively tame compared to some of his other material, but it was that track that raised the hackles of Tipper Gore in the 1980s and inspired her to take on the music industry in the name of the children.

The Parents Music Resource Center’s advisory label is still around, and the group was a precursor to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which was founded more than 20 years ago to assign age and content ratings to video games following complaints of excessive violence.

On Saturday, a years-old Donald Trump tweet regarding the video game industry, which he claimed was turning players into monsters, began making the rounds.

There are plenty of movies and TV shows that glorify violence, but the smaller gaming community is continually on guard against studies and claims that a link between violent behavior and gaming.

We don’t imagine this tweet resurrected from 2012 will  leave even a scratch on Trump, but we would like to hear Bernie Sander’s pro-or-con take on Grand Theft Auto V. Besides, Trump has a ready explanation if pressed.