Hillary Clinton must have known she was in for a tough grilling when she agreed to appear on Good Morning America for a town hall moderated by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, her husband’s former communications director and senior advisor. Who knows what sort of questions might have been planted in the audience?

She wasn’t asked the important “boxers or briefs” question, but Clinton might (or might not) have been caught off guard by a question about her husband’s most annoying habit.

Something tells us Hillary and Bill snuggle up in bed together about as often as she whips hot sauce out of her purse or rides the subway, but the Democrat front-runner dragged the nation kicking and screaming into her bedroom anyway.

There you go: Bill Clinton has to read before he goes to sleep, and even worse, he dozes off with his bedside lamp still on.

Maybe it’s baseless suggestions like these that led the Clinton campaign to release this candid photo of the happy couple spending some quality time together on the campaign trail. See — they’re almost touching.