The world will celebrate Earth Day tomorrow, by which time San Francisco will have spent $25,000 to clean up tons of trash left behind in the city’s Golden Gate Park following an unsanctioned 4/20 celebration that is traditionally celebrated there.

Pro-pot partiers were apparently too mellow to distinguish between cannabis and garbage cans, leaving the job of clearing away 11 tons of trash to city workers. ABC7 News reports:

Last year, celebrants left behind more than 17,000 pounds of garbage. [San Francisco Recreation and Park Department spokesman Joey] Kahn said this year’s waste total was 22,000 pounds of garbage and the city spent $20,000 on labor cleaning the park up Wednesday evening and this morning.

The parks department also spent $3,500 on materials and supplies like portable toilets and $1,500 on dump fees, Kahn said. Those figures don’t include costs incurred by other city agencies such as the police or public works.

While the city is beginning to crack down on commuters whose knees wander too far apart, ABC7 notes that the annual 4/20 festivities on Hippie Hill “are not sanctioned but generally tolerated by the city.”

Though some have compared the Tea Party to ISIS, the Tea Party isn’t known to leave entire ancient cities in ruins or litter the landscape with beheaded corpses; rather, conservatives famously organized a volunteer cleanup of the National Mall during the government shutdown, and one even took the initiative to mow the grass rather than smoke it.


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