A pastor who had filed suit against Whole Foods for mental anguish after claiming a baker at the store had written “FAG” on a cake he had ordered now faces two lawsuits, reports the Austin Statesman.

Whole Foods said Tuesday it would pursue legal action against Jordan Brown after security camera footage showed that he had altered the cake himself after purchasing it from an Austin, Texas location.

That lawsuit will join another which alleges that Brown stopped making payments on a student loan balance of around $25,000. Brown had reportedly taken out the loans to attend Slippery Rock University for the 2007-08 academic year.

These are the extremes to which students are forced to go to receive an education in America and would never happen under President Bernie Sanders. (We’re still wondering whatever happened to President Obama’s high-flying promise of two free years of community college, another of his many No. 1 priorities.)

Perhaps a stop by Austin’s Church of Open Doors is in order to hear what Pastor Brown has to say on the subject. If he’s free.