As Twitchy reported, the folks at took on the arduous task of investigating Sarah Palin’s offhand claim that she’s as much a scientist as Bill Nye, citing his honorary degrees but failing to dig up any publications in peer-reviewed journals. did manage to pad out its article by “citing several surveys and scientific literature analyses.” None of those analyses was authored by Nye, of course, and last we checked, scientific fact wasn’t determined by conducting surveys. But we’re not scientists, so what do we know?

“The Science Guy,” who according to ancient folklore is a character Nye created for his sketch comedy act, has since become a regular at the White House, which has him feeling pretty sassy — so much so that he’s putting up big money in a bet against real-life meteorologist Joe Bastardi in the greatest rumble since Al Gore dodged debate challenges from Lord Christopher Monckton. Not only that; he has Neil deGrasse “Blind Like a Bat” Tyson in his corner to straighten his bow tie between rounds.

You know what would make this more interesting? If deGrasse Tyson kicked in another $20,000 to sweeten the pot.

The best question we’ve heard yet:

Bastardi’s not taking the bait, but thanks.

If Nye wants to play for some real money, Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore is still waiting for takers on his $100,000 wager that global CO2 emissions will be higher in the year 2025 than they were in 2015 — despite the pledges made by countries participating in the Paris Climate Accord to reduce CO2 emissions.