A recent update to Twitter made it easier than ever to add animated GIFs to tweets, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Those low-res, endlessly looping clips are finding their way into serious political posts more and more often, but the Democrats might want to rethink their latest selection.

While the tweet links to a scrolling list of 400 businesses and organizations that have expressed opposition to North Carolina’s “bathroom law,” it certainly looks like the Democrats are suggesting basketball legend Michael Jordan is endorsing their message by shaking his head in disgust at HB2.

The thing is, as principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, Jordan is a North Carolina business owner, and he’s been criticized for not selling off the team or moving it out of state. Phoenix Suns owner Paul Horner told ABC News that “it’s time for Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan to take a stand against this law and move the team out of that backwards state.”