We’re sorry we missed this story from over the weekend, but the meeting didn’t appear on the president’s schedule on the White House website, nor did it show up in the @WhiteHouse or @POTUS Twitter feeds, or even Valerie Jarrett’s Twitter feed. Not even White House pool reporter Mark Knoller seems to have been notified that something was up Friday aside from the president’s daily briefing, which is closed to the press.

CNN was clued in soon after the event, but we don’t think they were invited to send a reporter.

We’d ask why Obama met with them, but thanks to Vibe magazine, we’ve learned that President Obama has taken on these members of “hip-hop’s elite” as advisors on criminal justice reform.

Pretty much, yeah.

For those wondering, on the right is Ludacris, the man behind the tender love song “Move Bitch” and the 2008 election anthem “Politics As Usual,” which features the line, “Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant.”

Killer Mike has been on the road campaigning with Bernie Sanders, so we know he’s busy. But if your favorite rapper or singer isn’t on the following list, consider him or her dissed by the White House.

(Vibe reports that DJ Khaled and Wale were also in attendance, while Vulture adds Pusha T and Rick Ross to the mix; no word on whether the late Tupac Shakur appeared via hologram.)

Mr. President, although Nicki Minaj posted a photo you autographed for her to Instagram, we dare you to look the nation in the eye and tell us you didn’t take a selfie with her. Time for #ReleaseTheSelfies to trend.

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