The Supreme Court was the site of a huge protest Monday as the court debated President Obama’s authority to use executive actions to keep 4 million illegal aliens from being deported. Twenty-six states filed suit, claiming that the president overstepped his bounds.

Among those protesters today was little Sophie Cruz, the girl who somehow managed to break through/breach/elude security to hand-deliver a pro-amnesty note and a hug to Pope Francis as his motorcade rolled through Washington, D.C., last September. Not only was the press captivated by the scene; reporters were also conveniently handed copies of the note — almost as if the whole thing were planned.

By December, Cruz appeared in a video released by, an advocacy group backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, which intercut animated fantasy scenes of children being pulled off of playgrounds with live shots showing “the innocent eyes of six-year-old Sophie and her love for her mommy.”

That said, take a guess who was all over the place at today’s protests in front of the Supreme Court, as well as inside viewing the proceedings.


Those are a lot of great photos, considering Cruz is among the millions of illegal aliens living in the shadows.