It pains us to say it, but a research fellow from the left-wing watchdog group Media Matters for America was perfectly justified in calling out the left-wing Washington Post today in its reporting of North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s freshly signed executive order “softening” the state’s so-called “bathroom bill,” which has inspired companies to withdraw from the state, prompted travel bans and led Bruce Springsteen to cancel a concert there.

In a blog post and a YouTube video posted this afternoon, McCrory explained that his executive order expanded the state’s equal employment opportunity policy “to clarify that sexual orientation and gender identity are included.”

The Washington Post quickly reported on the executive order, just after an ACLU attorney warned opponents of HB2 not to be “fooled” by the governor’s statement:

Media Matters research fellow Carlos Maza called out the Washington Post, citing the fact that the “bathroom rule” never applied to private businesses in the first place, but only to schools and government buildings.

Whether you’re for or against allowing people to choose which bathroom they use based on their gender identity (and the backlash against the bill was admittedly immense), today’s executive order doesn’t change anything as far as private businesses are concerned — meaning protests and threats to divest from the state will likely continue.

The Washington Post did correct its headline, and eventually the article itself, and then took the bizarre step of directing those who wanted to see the original “incorrect text” to Maza’s tweet and the accompanying screenshot.

The Obama administration quietly opened a “symbolic” all-gender bathroom in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building just last year, after allowing years of “anti-trans” discrimination inside “The People’s House” to pass.


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