Pennsylvanians head to the polls April 26, but the most campaign excitement in the commonwealth so far has been Bill Clinton’s clash with #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Philadelphia.

Western Pennsylvania will finally get some attention from the candidates themselves this week as both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump pay visits. Trump has two events scheduled in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, and at least one member of the #NeverTrump movement has some custom yard signs ready that were posted to Facebook and caught the eye of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review political reporter Salena Zito.

Which slogan is most likely to make a significant dent in The Donald’s lead in the polls: “Trump Likes Hunt’s Ketchup,” “Trump Hates Pierogies,” or “Trump Moved My Parking Chair”?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich for once should have no trouble locating the correct utensil for eating pierogi, but Cruz and Trump might want to send an advance team to do some research.


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