Gun control organizations (and certain presidential candidates, and certain presidents for that matter) have been trying to sell the public on closing the mythical gun show loophole, which is allegedly allowing guns to pour into New York from Vermont like hot maple syrup.

Hillary Clinton is obviously among them, having decided not to follow the social engineering example set by Cosmopolitan earlier this year with its sexist (and heteronormative!) advice not to date one of those “gunsplainers” — that is, a man “who repeatedly and condescendingly explains to a woman why she’d be safer with a gun.”

Cosmopolitan referred readers to Everytown for Gun Safety’s Singled Out, which warns single women about these men who condescend to them about guns with a site built from the ground up to condescend to women about guns.

Riding to the rescue is Dana Loesch, whose new spot for the NRA was introduced last week to set the record straight on who exactly is doing the gunsplaining here.

Consider yourself Texsplained.™


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