Disclaimer: We haven’t yet seen “Hamilton” on Broadway — not that we’re not dying to, but Friday night’s performance is sold out and resale tickets are currently running between $790 and $2,635 from Ticketmaster. We did, however, catch excerpts from the show in March when the cast visited the White House for a command performance, which was apparently a gift to us.

Even while the Treasury is giving the characteristic Obama administration effort (i.e., none) to strip Alexander Hamilton off of the $10 bill, the White House and others can’t wait for the hip-hop musical to work its way into schools.

Not only that: it was so, so important that President Obama himself gave the official order to “drop the beat.”

As crazy as it might seem, even the New York Times has jumped on the “Hamilton” hype train and is riding it as far as it will go. The latest?

We’ll pretend we didn’t see that. Did anyone ever ask if “Cats” got cats right?

We’re sure the president is working hard on his No. 1 priority — whatever it might be today. Now we’re wondering how much Bernie Sanders paid for his ticket this weekend, and whether he will add free “Hamilton” tickets for everyone to his campaign platform.


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes might have kicked off his Twitter presence with a note about crying into his sweater, but “Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s winning of the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History has made him question his life choices.

His classmate from Hunter High School, MSNBC host Chris Hayes, introduced Miranda, saying he realized his friend was a genius when he was 13 and Miranda wrote a 20-minute musical, which Hayes directed, called Nightmare in D-Major. He also recalled seeing Hamilton at an early workshop, which he said was so good that he had to sit down on a downtown stoop and ponder, “what the hell am I doing with my life?”