As Twitchy reported earlier today, Hillary Clinton was feeling the burn of a big loss last night in Wisconsin, and this morning hit Bernie Sanders with a particularly low blow, tweeting that Sanders “prioritized gun manufacturers’ rights over the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook.”

Clinton, who has pledged to fight America’s gun violence “epidemic” and who has proudly tweeted that her “F” rating from the NRA doesn’t stand for “friends,” continued to hit Sanders on the issue today, although Sanders hit back by accusing Clinton of taking gun lobby money.

The GOP interrupted the back-and-forth over who was more gun friendly by digging up a mailer paid for the Hillary Clinton for President that portrayed Barack Obama as an anti-gun extremist willing to pander to pro-gun audiences.

Obama, of course, does cling to his shotgun when he’s skeet shooting, which he does at Camp David “all the time.”