As the saying goes, words mean things, so it’s particularly frustrating when those who make the headlines — literally — choose their words so poorly. ABC News reports today that police in Brussels, where suicide bombers killed nearly three dozen people last month, detained more than 100 protesters at demonstrations that had been “cancelled.”

As ABC correctly reports in the linked article, authorities in Belgium have banned all protests outright, “fearing clashes” between participants in a demonstration to “protest Islamophobia” and another protest described only as organized by an “extreme right group.”

There was to have been a “March Against Fear” in Brussels on March 27 that was expected to attract thousands, but its organizers voluntarily cancelled the event after authorities asked them to because of security fears. That same day, authorities turned water cannons on far-right protesters who gathered at a makeshift memorial for the bombing victims.

Meanwhile, police were busy at a smaller demonstration at the Port of Dover in England, which is the nation’s closest port to continental Europe. The government hasn’t banned protests; however, as in Belgium, police were on hand “to keep anti-immigration and anti-fascist protesters apart.”

Clarification: Hundreds of police were on hand, and 13 were reported arrested.

Speaking of refugees, you might recall that dozens of women were reported groped and robbed by roaming mobs of widows and orphans — sorry, men — during New Year’s festivities in Cologne, Germany, and NBC News reports that more than 400 sexual assault complaints were filed with police. Among the suspects were 18 identified as being among the one million “asylum seekers” from the Middle East and North Africa taken in by Germany in 2015.

It’s not as though Germany has done nothing about the hundreds of reported sexual assaults. Investigations continue, and as Twitchy reported, a consortium of public TV and radio stations quickly published an illustrated guide showing Germany’s new immigrant population how German women are to be treated. None of this:




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