Sometimes failed 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney makes it really, really difficult to feel sorry for him, but he has our sympathy today. One of the reasons his campaign struggled against the Barack Obama/mainstream media tag team is that everything the opposition threw at him stuck: even the tired old canard that the mean rich man wanted to kill Big Bird.

While the Sesame Street theme would blare from the loudspeakers at celebrity studded Obama rallies, Romney was dogged at campaign events by protesters wearing some really dodgy Big Bird costumes.


A lot can change in four years. Socialist Bernie Sanders, 74, has a massive following of millennials who think that #BernieIsBae and who, as Twitchy reported, went nuts when a bird landed on the senator’s lectern at a rally in Portland. Not only did Sanders’ brief visit with the “dove asking us for world peace” spawn the hashtag #BirdieSanders; it became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter.

But wait, there’s more! Act now and you’ll receive a #BirdieSanders sticker in exchange for any donation at Sanders’ campaign website. You do have to donate to receive your sticker, so there’s at least one thing that Sanders isn’t promising to give away.

Although the illustration captures that very special moment when Sanders was “endorsed by nature,” that’s not the sticker. This is:


Consider yourself warned, though. The website claims the stickers “are flying away” and your donation will help Sanders “beak” Donald Trump this fall. It’s a shame the campaign missed the opportunity to make a “stick to the issues” pun.

In the meantime, while Hillary Clinton is having some unpaid intern sew suet into the shoulder pads on her pantsuits in hopes of one-upping Sanders, she did manage to drag out an old dog to campaign for her Thursday. If you thought thousands losing their minds over a stupid bird at a Sanders rally was impressive, check out the electricity Bill Clinton generated.