It’s certainly not the case that the (rich, white) Democrat leadership has given up on the old and tired arguments that the GOP is the party of rich, white men waging a never-ending war on women and the poor. The party has been feeling around for something new to throw at the wall, and it’s experimenting to see if this charge will stick: Republicans are embarrassing America in front of the world.

Admittedly, there have been some low blows in the GOP primary, but most Americans (we hope) are aware that “the world” doesn’t get to vote for our president. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, though, is appalled to think that Australians are reading tonight about the damage GOP candidate Donald Trump is doing abroad.

If it’s any solace to the world, remember that Trump hasn’t been elected to anything yet. And those Australians actually bothering to read the article to which Wasserman Schultz links will find that the writer has some harsh words for the current administration as well regarding China’s increasing aggression in the region:

Unfortunately, the US under Barack Obama spent more than a year in frozen immobility as China plunged into a frenetic program of base-building on disputed islands in the South China Sea. The islands are also claimed by the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and others.

The US finally stirred into action in the last few months. America, like Australia, makes no claims and takes no sides in the disputes, but urges all sides to avoid any destabilising steps.

The US has, however, moved to reassure its regional allies that it stands firm in supporting them.

Two weeks ago, for instance, it signed an agreement to rotate US forces through five Philippines military bases, a deal that the American ambassador to Manila described as “a pretty big deal”.

That was two weeks ago. The world is well aware what President Obama was up to last week: doing the wave in Cuba and dancing the tango in Argentina on his latest family vacation/apology tour. And Wasserman Schultz was just doing what she always does.

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