Students at the University of Southern California protesting stranger danger on campus in the form of a David Horowitz talk provided a refreshing alternative to those who insist on trying to shout down those with different opinions: they duct-taped their mouths shut and formed a human chain at the side of the room in the “lamest protest ever.”

Young America’s Foundation program officer Amy Lutz documented the absurdity.

We’ll bet that ticked them off, but not enough for any to brave the agony of ripping the sticky tape from their tender lips to defend themselves with words.

God bless ’em.

Attention university administrators: We strongly advise you budget for at least double the usual supply of hemorrhoid cream in your schools’ designated safe spaces, because the butthurt among the SJW set this month will be profound.

But seriously, folks. If you or your college student learns just one lesson this month, this is it: