This was the sort of week where it was easy for a story like this to end up buried, but as the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents grinds along at a seemingly sub-glacial pace, it’s a nice reminder that the stack of scandals that piled up during the Obama administration hasn’t entirely been left to collect dust until he leaves office.

An opinion piece in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal notes that the investigation into the IRS’s targeting of groups bearing telltale names including “tea party” and “patriots” (for which the agency is so very, very sorry) is still active, with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruling that the IRS must turn over spreadsheets it created on the targeted groups.

A continuous resistance to turn over documents? From the most transparent administration in history? Judge Raymond Kethledge called the IRS’s ongoing effort to obstruct the legal process “appalling.”

We’re game: What’s the “laughable reason” the IRS had for not handing over the court-ordered materials? The Independent Women’s Forum notes that the IRS cited privacy concerns related to Section 6103 of the U.S. code, “which protects the private information of applicants for tax-exempt status, the very people targeted by the IRS.” Judge Kethledge wrote that the IRS’s assertion that applicant names are return information “is meritless”.