When he finds a moment, will U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry fly James Taylor to Brussels to serenade its grieving citizens with an acoustic rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend”? Greg Gutfeld is on the case.

For all we know, James Taylor was among the massive entourage that tagged along to Cuba with President Obama as he made his historic visit to the island paradise, but we don’t have photographic evidence.

Courtesy of Major League Baseball’s Joe Torre, though, we have a picture of Kerry partying with “Havana Daydreamin'” singer Jimmy Buffett, looking eerily like Larry David. For a man who told MTV he was “fascinated by rap and by hip-hop” and the anger and “social energy” it comprises, Kerry sure does like to hang out with the human sleep aids of the music world.


Nice photobomb, guy. So, was Buffett there at Kerry’s request to perform a special acoustic version of “Cheeseburger in Paradise” for the dissidents rounded up and jailed in advance of President Obama’s arrival?

Don’t cry, Sweet Baby James: Organizing for Action will always have a gig for you. VIP passes to Taylor’s show in Chicago this summer, along with signed copies of Taylor’s latest album, are up for grabs to some lucky OFA supporter.