Hipster grandmother Hillary Clinton has had more trouble reaching millennials than she did trying to figure out how to work the State Department’s fax machine. She’s had little trouble calling in favors from celebrities: Lena Dunham, who tweeted how excited she was to be asked to stump for Clinton on the road, seemingly sputtered out after visits to New Hampshire and Iowa.

Drawing from the pap comprising her “Official Hillary 2016 Playlist,” Clinton did convince Demi Lovato to serve as her opening act at the University of Iowa in January, and Katy Perry, who could easily sell out stadiums, found herself singing Clinton’s anthem “Roar” in a field in Iowa last October. Perry surfaced on Twitter today to show her agreement with Clinton’s claim at Stanford University that the Republican candidates’ proposals to deal with ISIS and terrorism “counterproductive.”

More like, “stared into the camera phone and tried not to blink.”

Clinton was referring to America throughout its history, but much as they did with Lovato, Perry’s followers let her know they might be fans of her music, but when it came to politics, they were feeling the Bern.