Actress Kirstie Alley recently joked that she keeps telling herself she’s not going to talk politics, but her lack of willpower in that area is our gain. In the shadow of the terrorist bombings that killed dozens and injured hundreds more in Brussels, Belgium, this morning, Alley made it clear she likes a man who acts quickly and doesn’t dilly-dally about.

Did we mention that President Obama is sticking it to the terrorists by taking in a Rays game in Cuba this afternoon with the wife and kids and his new BFF Raul Castro?

Rudy Giuliani obviously has first-hand experience with terrorist attacks and has been making the rounds on cable TV today, recently telling Fox News host Neil Cavuto that President Obama should be in the White House situation room — now.

Then let someone else do it who’s up to the task. When that 3 a.m. phone call came in from Benghazi, Obama was resting up for a hard day of fundraising in Vegas (“We had a tough day,” he told supporters), and his secretary of state was up late trying to coordinate a story with her staff (and execs at YouTube).