What a week, and it’s only Tuesday. President Obama is currently taking in a baseball game in Cuba, where just seven months ago, Secretary of State John Kerry led a delegation to raise the American flag over a U.S. embassy in Havana for the first time in decades. You might expect the president to skip the baseball game in light of the hundreds killed and injured in Belgium this morning, but that’s just what ISIS would want him to do.

Meanwhile, in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is being lit in the colors of the Belgian flag to show solidarity following those deadly, coordinated terror attacks on the city of Brussels.

But wait, there’s more. Rep. Mike Honda of California didn’t ignore the attacks in Brussels, urging the free world to stand with President Obama and band together to defeat international terrorism.

Call it multitasking, but that wasn’t Honda’s only symbolic gesture today. He also proudly raised the transgender flag in front of his office this morning alongside the American flag.

That’s an awfully solemn scene. There has to be some sort of transgender anthem that could have added some pomp and circumstance to the event.

Among those speaking at the flag-raising ceremony was Marble Martinez, director of Santa Clara’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs — because they have one of of those. Expect many more.