Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is standing by her man — President Obama, that is — when it comes to the president’s historic Cuba visit and the thorny issue of political prisoners, some held for the long term and other dissidents swept out of sight before President Obama’s arrival. And what’s the chance of bringing cop killer Assata Shakur back to the United States to face justice?

CNN’s Jake Tapper had suggested his fellow journalists look up Shakur for an interview, and on Monday, Anderson Cooper asked Clinton if the White House’s master negotiator who brokered such deals as the Bowe Bergdahl swap would make Shakur’s return a condition of his visit.

Watch closely — in slow motion if you like — as Clinton makes Cooper’s question disappear so smoothly he doesn’t realize she never answered.

Amazing. Stay tuned for her next trick as she slips out of handcuffs and reappears in the Oval Office.

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