We’ve written plenty about President Obama’s visit to a Tampa Bay Rays game in Cuba today, seated cozily between his family and dictator Raúl Castro. He and new pal Castro didn’t make the “Kiss Cam,” but Obama seems to have made himself right at home in Cuba, doing “the wave” with his family but staying casually seated when speaking with an ESPN reporter about the terrorist massacre in Belgium this morning.

One thing that did inspire to the president to stand was the opportunity to try out “a little Spanish lingo” as he shook hands with Rays center fielder and Cuban defector Dayron Varona and welcomed him home, as if Obama himself had lived in Cuba his entire life.

Welcome home? Varona was born in Havana, but like the president, he too made history by becoming the first Cuban baseball player to defect and then return to play on Cuban soil. Yes, thanks to his athletic talent, Varona was able to make it to the United States without having to toss the corpses of those who didn’t make it over the side of a tiny raft.

Varona, who with his mother defected to the United States three years ago, was obviously thrilled to be reunited with his family. Any chance he’ll use the trip to flee back to Cuba, see as it’s such a great place to live? Obama looks like he’s considering it.

Here’s hoping you have either strong stomach or a display case of proudly earned participation ribbons, because — no matter the score — everybody won today. Except for all of those killed and injured in Belgium and imprisoned in Cuba, that is.