Everyone’s aware by now that former Breitbart reporter and former “Cashin’ In” contributor Michelle Fields has alleged that Donald Trump’s campaign manager grabbed her arm hard enough to leave bruises when she approached Trump to ask a question. Lewandowski hasn’t been fired from the campaign; in fact, Trump took a moment during his last victory speech to thank Lewandowski, who was directly behind him on stage.

At a Trump rally in Tucson, Ariz., Saturday, Lewandowski got a little handsy with a protester in the crowd, grabbing his collar. Of course it was caught on video — video you’ll likely see on endless loop tomorrow on cable news.

Trump supporter or not, that’s a valid question. Aren’t there security personnel to deal with this sort of thing? One thing’s for sure: the collar grab and the campaign’s statement aren’t sitting well with those not on the Trump Train.

If that collar grab was violent, we’re not sure how to describe another confrontation caught on video.