We’ve heard plenty about millennials over this campaign cycle, so it might be worth clarifying just who these young people are. While there’s no definite age cutoff, the Pew Research Center specifically defines millennials as those born after 1980. (Ironically, a Pew poll conducted last fall determined that most millennials chafe at being called “millennials,” a label nearly 60 percent of them equate with the term “self-absorbed.”)

However they’re defined, millennials are a coveted prize in the 2016 elections, and today they’re dominating Twitter’s trending topics with the hashtag, #GetMillennialsToVoteIn5Words.




Some food for thought for those who believe it’s wrong to dissuade millennials from casting their vote at the ballot box. (Admittedly it’s taken out of context, but we couldn’t resist.)

Heavy sarcasm incoming.