Get ready for some more bragging from the Hillary Clinton camp, as she has at last been declared the winner of Tuesday’s election in Missouri by the AP. The Bernie Sanders campaign has reportedly conceded defeat, albeit by a margin of less than a half-percent.

The Associated Press called the race for Clinton at 6:06 p.m. today.

Not quite as lucky as the series of six winning coin-flips that helped her claim a win in Iowa, which was also neck-and-neck, not to mention a tie-breaking playing card draw in Nevada. Those watching late into the night Tuesday saw Sanders trading places with Clinton, and it looked like he might be able to prevent her from sweeping the night by taking Missouri.

Both Donald Trump and Clinton announced their wins on social media yesterday, with all of the votes counted with the exception of some absentee and provisional ballots.

There’s been talk about a recount, which Missouri allows if a race falls within a margin of one-half of 1 percentage point, but neither the Ted Cruz or Sanders campaigns seem to see any value in contesting the results.