President Obama again made history last weekend when he blew off former first lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral to become “the first sitting president to ever grace the stage of a SXSW event.” The annual South by Southwest gathering has traditionally been considered more of a music festival than a political soapbox, but organizers got around that obstacle by inviting President Obama to share his expertise on iPhone encryption technologies and such.

Current first lady Michelle Obama made her own appearance at SXSW Wednesday, where she brought calm to the nation by assuring Americans that she “will not run for president.”

Mrs. Obama is continuing to pursue her social initiatives, though. Remember when current Hillary Clinton shill Lena Dunham appeared in a 2012 campaign ad suggesting to young women that casting their first vote for Barack Obama was comparable to the nervous thrill of losing their virginity?

Well, Mrs. Obama is now an official contributor to Dunham’s newsletter, urging girls to pursue their education and fight against a culture that tells them “girls should be valued for their bodies, not their minds.”

Did we happen to mention Dunham’s ad that urged young women to vote for Michelle Obama’s husband because it would feel like sex? (Consensual sex, though, not whatever happened on campus that Dunham later claimed was rape by the school’s “resident conservative” — a registered Democrat if Gawker’s reporting is correct.)

Dunham is a graduate of Oberlin College, which rings a bell for two reasons. First, because Mrs. Obama served as Oberlin’s commencement speaker in May of 2015 and urged graduates to leave their “comfort zones,” and second, because current students in December demanded the establishment of racially segregated, black-only “safe spaces” across campus. That commencement message really resonated among Oberlin’s young minds, huh?

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