The big story over the weekend — at least the one that managed to dominate news coverage — was the epidemic of violence at Donald Trump rallies. One Trump protester in Dayton, Ohio, was rightfully arrested and charged after he broke through security and rushed the stage where Trump was speaking. Another incident, though, reportedly has police in North Carolina considering filing charges against Trump for inciting a riot.

“Potentially inciting a riot?” Is that an actual charge? It does seems a bit sketchy, seeing as the “riot” was pretty tiny. Maybe that’s where the “potentially” comes in.

The Daily Beast reports that the story has already been debunked by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office — which then contradicted itself in a statement. Confused yet?

According to The Daily Beast, a spokesman for the police told a local radio station that the police “had looked at” applying the state’s riot laws against Trump, but later told the Daily Beast that the department “would have made the charges by now.” An hour later, though, a statement by the spokesman suggested the department was still weighing its options.

Will the police charge Trump? Let’s go with a definite “maybe.”

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