Hillary Clinton will appear this evening at a town hall meeting in Springfield, Ill., hosted by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, one of the survivors of the great MSNBC purge of 2015.

Something tells us that Matthews will be lobbing the softest of hardballs at Clinton, and that something in particular is the photo of him marching alongside a Hillary for America campaign banner at an Independence Day parade.

Maybe he was just out power walking that July morning and was caught on film right as he passed the Clinton supporters, although Matthews shouting “On your left!” could be interpreted any number of ways.

What’s with the violet lighting? Is it just to set the mood, or is it good for the indoor plants?

Oh, that thing. CNN reports that on Friday, The Intercept ran a piece revealing that Matthews’ wife, Kathleen, who is running for Congress, had received $79,050 in campaign contributions in 2015 “from prominent former and current politicians” featured on her husband’s show.