Oberlin College used to be a reliable example of the left-wing political correctness and entitlement that pervades today’s institutions of higher learning. This after all, was the college where study-abroad students were offended by the “disrespectful” cultural appropriation of their home countries’ traditional dishes in the campus dining hall.

More recently, it was also the school where African American students demanded the establishment of black-only “safe spaces” across campus as well as a stipend for those leading protest movements on campus. Remarkably, Oberlin’s president said “no” to the activists’ list of “demands, not suggestions.” Has the school taken a sharp rightward turn?

Not really. Those associated with the school are currently chewing their fingernails over what to do about an assistant professor whose social media activity included posts blaming Jews for 9/11 and more.

The New York Times reports today that Oberlin’s board of trustees has called on the school to “conduct a review and report back to it for possible action in the wake of Facebook posts by Joy Karega, a professor in the rhetoric and composition department.” The Times adds that Karega “is teaching social justice writing courses this semester and does not have tenure.”

Oberlin President Marvin Krislov, who is Jewish, said last week that, while personally difficult, he supports Karega’s freedom of speech.

Academic freedom, Krislov said in a statement, “enables Oberlin’s faculty and students to think deeply about and to engage in frank, open discussion of ideas that some may find deeply offensive.” Again, this is the school where black students demanded racially segregated safe spaces.

The Chronicle-Telegram, which covers Ohio’s Lorain County, reported Sunday that “Oberlin College and a number of concerned organizations representing the greater Cleveland Jewish community have agreed to work together to develop a program aimed at fostering a positive campus dialogue on anti-Semitism.”

And the students themselves? It depends on whom you ask, but some were willing to protest on Karega’s behalf.

So there you have it, so far. An assistant professor who teaches “social justice writing courses” uses social media to blame Jews for 9/11, leading area Jewish groups to team with Oberlin to “foster positive dialogue” about anti-Semitism. Meanwhile, the tough guy in this scenario is the board of trustees, which has ordered a report in light of “possible action” against the professor.

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