Monday night’s “Special Report” on Fox News was dedicated to a #DemTownHall hosted by anchor Bret Baier, and in a closing move that should surprise no one, Clinton declared, “Let the little children come to me,” and lo and behold, there was a junior high student prepared with a question we guarantee has never kept a minor up at night.

Let’s just agree he looked like it wasn’t his first choice to spend his night wearing a tie at a political town hall. (Some adults who were selected to address Clinton made up for it by looking like they were holding back teenage-girl screams.)

So, bridge-builder Clinton is most proud of having made an enemy of Republicans and considers Sanders an ally — not surprising, considering his only mention of the FBI investigation into her private email server during the debates is his pledge not to bring it up.

And that was just Lesson 1.

And did a bang-up job.