We’re sure the 2012 election wasn’t the first where voters left their houses in costume to support their candidates (with rare exceptions for the classics, such as Uncle Sam). Mitt Romney, though, was dogged by protesters dressed as “binders full of women” and some really off-brand Big Bird knock-offs (to remind voters that Romney’s desire to kill Big Bird was “an attack on children”).

Donald Trump is holding a rally in Florida this afternoon, and photographers caught his southern border wall in attendance. We’re honestly not sure if this is a protest or not.

Us too.

It really does. Expect an angry statement/cease-and-desist order from Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters in 3, 2, 1 …

For the wall’s sake, we hope the costume has some sort of opening for bathroom breaks.

Sadly, it seems that Trump’s wall isn’t even as solid as the current border fence, or what little of it exists.

Turns out the wall had company at the rally, but this costume didn’t pass muster either.

It wasn’t a costume, but Donald Trump’s border wall also made an appearance outside the Fox Theater in Detroit Thursday night, site of the GOP debate.

We don’t think that word is “Turkey,” although Vicente Fox (or Joe Biden) could probably translate the messy part.

* * *

Update: Because you demanded it, here’s a slightly better (and possibly NSFW) angle on the “man” in the penis cap.