Thanks, Kentucky. Election night was moving along at a nice clip Saturday, and Donald Trump, as he did on the night of #SuperTuesday, called a press conference for 9 p.m. Reporters gathered in West Palm Beach at 9, only to be told later that the projected Republican winner of the Louisiana primary wouldn’t be speaking until all results were in. Kentucky, still not called at 10:30 but looking to go to Trump, was the only holdup.

In the meantime, as Trump waited in another room watching the returns, the gap between him and Cruz began to shrink — at least that’s what Nate Silver found as he refreshed the state’s web page.


Never mind.

Judging by Louisiana’s returns, Thursday night’s debate helped Cruz with those who hadn’t voted early.

And just about two hours after his press conference was scheduled, Trump emerged after Kentucky was finally called for him.

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