Dylan Byers, now a senior reporter for CNN, was stationed outside of the Fox Theater in Detroit, the site of tonight’s Fox News-hosted GOP debate. While police lined up in front of the entrance to the theater, a huge protest was going on in the street, with demonstrators demanding a $15 minimum wage, and end to white supremacy, and … well, let’s just take a look.

Funny: #BlackLivesMatters were a thorn in the side of candidate Bernie Sanders in the early days of his campaign, even though he’d be the first to argue that $15 an hour and free college isn’t nearly enough. Forget about #FightFor15.

How do these protesters manage to afford to travel all over the country on a minimum wage less than $15?

We haven’t seen many “Yellow Peril Supports Black Power” signs like the one that appears briefly in this video — today’s protesters really are determined to revive the 1960s.

“Give” seems to be the operative word there. Plus, we’re pretty sure that’s a Donald Trump wig in someone’s hand right as the camera spins. Probably some cheap wig made in China. Sad.

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