Frank Luntz and his 25-person focus group did their thing following Thursday night’s #GOPDebate in Detroit, asking and answering a series of rapid-fire questions about what they’d just seen on stage at the Fox Theater. According to Luntz, the first word that came to most viewers’ minds to describe the debate was “embarrassing,” and that probably doesn’t even take into account the “dapping” in the audience.

The focus group could have come to that conclusion within the first seven minutes, but that impression stuck.

Trump’s behavior isn’t likely to stop, seeing as his poll numbers are in a holding pattern well above his competitors’. Marco Rubio has taken a much more aggressive approach to Trump recently, but according to Luntz, it’s backfiring.

They do like this.

Gov. John Kasich was frozen out of a lot of the chaos as Rubio and Ted Cruz tag-teamed Trump, but he might want to take a look at these results.

So, it’s President Kasich then? For what it’s worth, Kasich told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly after the debate that he has no interest in being vice president, which many assume is the only reason he’s hung on this long.