Sure, it was mildly amusing during the New Hampshire primary when MSNBC host Christopher Hayes flubbed Bernie Sanders’ name, accidentally referring to the progressive socialist from Vermont as “Bernie Sandwiches.” Hayes had an excuse, though. (You can guess for yourself why Chris Matthews also slipped up and referred to “Barry Sanders.”)

It was the mispronunciation that launched a thousand Photoshops, and some entrepreneurs quickly grabbed domain names and had “Bernie Sandwich” T-shirts made up for sale (sounds like capitalism to us). But we don’t think anyone expected that a developer would end up making an iPhone game out of it.

Yes, it’s real, and it looks less than spectacular, although Version 1.1 did add more sections to the Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada levels.


Our guess is no.

He’s lucky to have survived the Great MSNBC Purge of 2015.

iTunes advises that the game offers in-app purchases, but after Sanders is elected president, those will all be free.