The rhetoric onstage has become increasingly ugly as Donald Trump and Marco Rubio fight it out for their share of tomorrow night’s delegates. But things became really ugly and literally violent today in the crowd at a Trump rally in Radford, Va., and the clash wasn’t between Trump fans and protesters, but between a TIME photographer and Trump’s Secret Service detail.

News reports covered the incident, but a Vine video managed to show just how violent the agent’s response was. Ignore the line of people headed out; keep your eyes toward the bottom-center of the video.

Here’s a shot of the photographer being led out by police.

But wait, there’s more! Another unconfirmed photo is going around that seems to show the photographer grabbing the Secret Service Agent by the throat — not recommended.

And here’s one more bit of context captured on video that helps explain the over-the-top response. (Language warning)

For what it’s worth, both the Secret Service and TIME are being very measured in their initial responses.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl says that the shot of the photographer grabbing the Secret Service agent by the throat came after the choke-slam, and the photographer was demonstrating what happened to him. If so, the obscenity might have set off the agent. So, who’s to blame?

Some really are blaming Trump, if for nothing else than for creating the “climate” in which such incivility is encouraged.

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