A funny thing happened when Marco Rubio recently decided to start hitting back at Donald Trump personally. Crowds at his rallies at it up, and many reporters who have been covering Rubio were surprised he was pretty good at insult comedy. People have been making fun of Trump’s hair for years, but suddenly Rubio was joking about Trump having “the worst spray tan in America” and the hands of a man who’s 5-foot-2. (For his part, Trump has slammed Rubio for his big ears and tendency to sweat.)

Many fully endorse Rubio’s new strategy, as the insults, he says, are the only thing the press pays attention to. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush, who declared to Trump over and over that “you can’t insult your way to the presidency,” has dropped out, only to watch Trump insult his way to the presidency.

National Review contributing editor Jim Geraghty warns that Rubio has placed himself in a “lose-lose” scenario.

Geraghty’s followers largely disagree.