It was little surprise but big news nonetheless when former presidential rival Gov. Chris Christie stepped forward yesterday to announce his endorsement of Donald Trump. The real surprise seems to be today’s endorsement of Trump by former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, whose name likely conjures up this image.

Brewer was famous for calling out President Obama and his administration for causing the “massive influx” of illegal aliens into her state and vowed to fight “this imperial POTUS” over securing the border. She even signed an executive order in direct opposition to the administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, blocking the state from issuing drivers’ licenses and benefits to children of illegals.

If nothing else, we’re guessing Brewer is glad to hear that someone is committed to securing the Southern border.

Trump’s rival Marco Rubio has been calling Trump a con artist recently, telling Fox News today that Trump “has been conning people his whole life.” Is Trump’s commitment to secure the border the real deal? Even some who think it is wonder about the rest of his agenda.