A mass shooting at a Hesston, Kansas, turf-care manufacturer has left an unconfirmed number of people dead and many more injured. Original estimates of 2 to 4 casualties are creeping upward as more details are known.

The Washington Times reports that the suspect, who was shot and killed by police, was a disgruntled former employee who was recently fired. The gunman reportedly shot an elderly woman in the parking lot before going inside and attacking employees and security.

Prayers are being said for those injured as well as the first responders.

Not much has been reported about the alleged shooter yet.


Some unverified accounts are naming a different person as the suspect, and we’ve seen claims that the shooter was a “KKK member and Trump supporter.”

Update: The Harvey Co. sheriff has just held a press conference to confirm some details.

About those multiple crime scenes:


Editor’s note: Twitchy will update this developing story as details emerge. The headline has been updated now that fatalities and casualties have been confirmed by law enforcement.