It hasn’t been the most flattering week for Secretary of State John Kerry. As Twitchy reported, Kerry appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday to testify on the foreign affairs budget and was hit with a question about Ibrahim al Qosi, who was released from Guantanamo Bay only to rejoin al-Qaeda in Sudan as a recruiter.

“Well, Senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that,” Kerry told Sen. Mark Kirk.

The Washington Free Beacon notes that that wasn’t even Kerry’s worst answer. Asked by Sen. Darrell Issa if then-senator Kerry knew that Secretary of State Clinton was using something other than a email address to communicate with him, Kerry replied, “I didn’t think about it,” adding, “I was given an email address, and I sent it to her.”

Issa reportedly said he appreciated “the responsive answer that you didn’t know you were sending to her personal email from your personal email.” The Free Beacon reports that Kerry, then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sent at least one largely redacted email to Clinton from his own private account.

Fumbling for excuses? That’d be John Kerry all right.

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