As Twitchy reported, lines outside of caucus sites in Nevada are extremely long, and complaints already include people receiving multiple ballots, sites running out of ballots, and chaos in general as people try to locate their precincts and turn in their completed ballots.

A source from the Marco Rubio campaign was upset in particular that at least one caucus worker was decked out in Donald Trump gear.

There are plenty of Trump voters in the room, but “Trump Guy” quickly became a Twitter celebrity.

Lots of people are tweeting that electioneering inside a polling place in their state is illegal, while others note that this is a party caucus, not an election.

At least we haven’t seen coin flips or card tricks yet.

If there is anything illegal about wearing a candidate’s campaign gear, we’ll be sure to hear about it in the morning if not earlier.

* * *

Here’s one final word from the Nevada secretary of state, as reported by CNN’s Jim Acosta.

So, the people grabbing video of caucus goers wearing campaign gear are both off the hook.