Headlining a Democratic fundraiser following CNBC’s GOP debate, President Barack “Red Line” Obama tried to score some points against the Republican candidates by joking that if they couldn’t handle a handful of biased debate moderators, “I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are gonna be too worried.” Iran and North Korea certainly aren’t, both having recently conducted long-range missile tests.

At a rally today in Sparks, Nevada, Donald Trump took a similar shot at rival Ted Cruz, telling supporters that compared to people he’s confronted before, Cruz is a baby. And not just a baby, but a soft, weak little baby.

On the plus side, Cruz does know a thing or two about land use policies, which he made clear in ad an targeting Trump, who confessed that “it’s not a subject I know anything about.” It seems Cruz can curl up that little baby hand and land a hit if he wants to, but Trump wasn’t impressed.

Well, Trump has called Cruz both a liar and a nasty guy already, but we think “soft, weak little baby” is a new one to add to the history books.