You might have heard the amazing story from Oberlin College, where the school president recently denied a demand by student activists that there be racially segregated “safe spaces” set up around the campus for blacks only.

In another shocking development, an Oberlin professor refused to delay his final exam, as had been done at Columbia Law School in light of the grand jury decisions regarding Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The school took into consideration a letter from the Coalition of Concerned Students of Color, which argued that its members “have struggled to compartmentalize our trauma as we sit and make fruitless attempts to focus on exam preparations.”

The University of California, Berkeley, has been the scene of plenty of student trauma as well, and the school is rolling out devices known as “sleep pods” that might be perfect for compartmentalizing that trauma.

We’re betting the rest pods will have replaced traditional chairs in classrooms by 2020, or earlier if a Republican victory in 2016 seems imminent.