Bernie Sanders doesn’t often betray his age with his comments about the issues facing the United States, but at Thursday night’s MSNBC Democrat Town Hall, the 74-year-old who has for some reason captured the hearts of millennials reminded us just what generation he belongs to when he name-checked Gloria Steinem, adding, “everyone knows she is one of the leading feminists in America.” It’s one of those phrases he wouldn’t have had to add if he didn’t sense that perhaps his younger followers didn’t recognize the 81-year-old as one of today’s leading feminists.

Hillary Clinton has had trouble securing the votes and enthusiasm of young women who consider themselves feminists and can’t reconcile Clinton’s past with their more modern beliefs.

Sanders made a play to depict himself as the true feminist of the dueling candidates by citing the time Steinem declared him an “honorary woman.”

Die-hard Clinton supporters such as NARAL Pro-Choice weren’t about to let that pass for feminism.

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